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“Best Practice and Obstacles in the Process of Registering Real Estate and Receiving Social Allowances in Latvia”

Promoting Public Awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the International Context

Life-long Learning Strategy Development

A Year Prior to the Referendum: Civic Campaign for Joining the European Union

One World


And What about Latvia?

Latvia – Central Asia: Reform of the bilingual and intercultural education in Latvia

Latvian EU membership Decade Assessment

Structural support for European policy research organizations (think tanks) and civil society organizations at European level / 2015th year

Internet for a Civil Society

Formation of the Community Tolerance to the Roma Gypsy People by Using Postcards

Come, teacher!

Solidarity in the Schools in Baltic States

Latvian - Georgian NGO Forum "On a Way To EU"

The Latvian – Moldovan NGO Forum on Public Participation

Ukrainian Latvia NGO Summer Academy

World Days

Schools – satellites for development education

Strengthening the administrative capacity of active and quality participation of non-governmental sector to ensure regional development policies and actions of the Cabinet Committee.

„Local Identity product (LIP) – sustainable support systems for communities in Europe”

Global Teachers Award

National conference on development education

DoIt: Baltic Development Education conference

People in boxes - stereotypes about development

Provision of development cooperation in Latvian public policy agenda

Baltic States Channeling Information in the Baltics

"The introduction of Latvian Rural community parliament as participatory democracy method"

"Support for actions of Latvian rural forum"

„PREPARE: partnerība Eiropas laukiem”

Education for life long self-realization: support by local governments to 16-25 year olds

Organization of international JTEFS/BBCC conference "Sustainable Development. Culture. Education"

Multilingual Education in Georgia

Organization of LACE 10th Anniversary international conference “Cooperation for Sustainable Education: Management, Research, Practice, and Theory”

Crimean political dialogue

Project “E.U. Citizens with no frontiers”

Youth exchange project "My Life My Way"

Capacity Association "Education for Sustainable Development" activities and cooperation

EVS "Together we can more"

Project "NGO internet TV development"

Youth Exchange project „SOCIAL ME(dia)”

Training course "SEE A Game" in Riga

Project "Diverse Solutions for Public Awareness and Integration"

Project "Internet TV as a tool to develop Latvian NGOs' capacity”

Project „Entrepreneurial Competencies and Horizontal (Soft) Skills for Social Entrepreneurs”

Project "International internship ABF"

Project "SEE A Game"

Seminar in Latvia “Get to Know Your Neighbours!”

Activation of Target Groups for Eliminating Malevolent Usage of Administrative Resources during the Pre-election Period in Georgia

Support to Social, Economic, Ethnic and Civilian Integration of Families in Districts of the Daugavpils Region in Latvia”

Project "The project generation incubator for creative ideas"

Living in Latvia - 3

Speak – up

On the way to school movement "Open and honest school!"

Campaign "Back to School".

Lifting the Lid on Lobbying: Taking secrecy out of politics in Europe

Development cooperation - public health : Latvia - Belarus

The footprints of Europe in Latvia. 2015.

"EESK - The road of Latvia's civil society to EU institutions"

Climate change in Latvia- challenges and opportunities

“Decarbonize our Future!”

Bike Globally

Diversity as a resource for education and community development

History, today and me

The global dimension in the social sciences

Latgale for sustainable development and global development

Ready for tomorrow

The partnership between NGOs and institutions of higher education in education of development

21. Century: Empowering girls in the Baltics

Project for India's children

Earthquake in Nepal

Coopting the state: The case of Latvia


Multiple solutions for the education of society as well as integration

Millenium Ambassadors

Education program for asylum seekers- introduction to Latvia

Projects for social integration

Bridge of cooperation

Social innovations for developing countries

"Alter - Active Local Territories for Economic development of Rural Areas"

"Support for the Regional Development and Entrepreneurship of the Northern Region of Moldova by Establishing Partnerships for the Local Economies"

Stories for change

Coopting the state: The case of Latvia

"NGO Forum - Riga 2015".

PROVIDUS - the partner for country policy planning and building process/2015